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Automobile headliners are the one part of a car interior that has gives consumers the most grief. Basically, the way the headliners is constructed is a colored cordinated material is glued on a form fitted board made specifically for a particular type of car. The reason headliners come loose and start hanging is the material getting cooked over a period of time from interior heat and disintergrating a thin layer of foam (1/4" thick) that is milled on the colored material. When this happens, the process for repair is:
1) Taking the board that the material is glued to out of the car
2) Cleaning the old foam off the board
3) Gluing the new material on the board
4) Reinstalling the board in the car

The average cost to recover headliner boards - only - in automobiles is $85. Extra panels covered in headlining material, board repair and trim molding repair are extra charges.
Sunvisors are extra with an average cost of $40 - $65 pr. If sunvisors are to be considered for repair, it is recommended that the sunvisors are covered at the same time as the headliner with the same bolt of material. Because of possible slight dye lot variations in color shade from one roll of headlining material to the next, this way the sunvisors will be sure to match the headliner.

New headliner material being glued on original board

Older type of headliners - seamed headliners - are more complex and more expensive. These type of headliners are designed to have fittted panels of material sewn together with a pocket on the back side of the seam. This pocket holds a curved rod that snaps into holes on each side of the interior of the car. These rods in the pockets is what holds the headlining material up. Some automobiles may have design alterations concerning the rod, but the principal will still be the same: a floating headliner. These type of headliners - only - average $200 and up. Other considerations on price adjustment is windlace, hydem, tack strip repair, patterns, original material match, roof padding, missing bows, removing and replacing glass for installation with possible new rubber seals, and misc custom modifications and repairs.

Below is some examples of sewn headliners done by Catalina Custom.

1956 Chevy Nomad
Chrome bars / Sherpa blue tweed material

1955 Chevy 2dr Hardtop
Chrome bars with white perforated material.
Sunvisors has UltraLeather HP comfort panels added

1932 Ford Victoria
Headliner done with original knap material

All jobs must be seen for final prices.

Other examples of headlers may be viewed in the Showcase Gallery.

Below is before and after photographs of a board headliner repair with sunvisors.