The new polyurthane-based faux leather materials comes closer than any other material available in capturing the sumptuous aesthetics of fine leather. This material has a feel and breathable like comfort factor that is frankly, the best in a non-leather material. Manufactured with standards that are environmentally safe, this polyurethane-based material is totally different in feel and durability from other non-leather type materials like vinyl. It is approximately 40% cooler than vinyl and is much more durable supporting an abrasive resistant standard surpassing 50,000 double rubs. Offereing multiple grains, sueade type facings and iredesent finishes with lots of colors to choose from, this material can be used in homes for finer furniture, commercial work requiring an upper end quality of comfort with superior durability, cabin areas for yachts and luxury boats, aircraft seating, motorhomes and custom automobiles. This material is pliable enough to offer scrupling options in designing show-winning interiors for custom street rods.
One of the major drawbacks when constructing upholstery with leather is the waste involved. Hides being of animals, come in different sizes and configurations with different quality areas of the hide being used for different parts of the seating. Polyurthane materials alleviates this problem while offering the same quality of comfort. Polyurthane comes 54" wide and the edges of the material is the same quality as the middle - thus upholsterers may utilize all the material for what ever patterns is needed with the consumer getting as much value as possible with the material.

Polyurthane materials range in price from $40 - $65 a yard (depending on brand) and is sold in 1-yard increments. When constructing different types of upholstery in various applications using any 54" wide material, the part of the job cost is figured on how much material will be used on the running yard and not by the square foot (with vinyl's being sold in 1/3 yd increments). Rolled material goods are also sold in this format. Polyurthane materials being the first viable, practical alternative to leather, the cost comparison to leather is as follows: hides on the average are 50 sq. ft. per hide and good quality European hides are on the average $10.00 - $12.00 sq. ft. A hide would then be $500.00 - $600.00 per hide. Ultraleather HP being 54" wide, 1 yard = 13.5 square feet. $65.00 divided by 13.5 square feet comes to $4.81 sq. ft. - again with all the material being able to be used without the drawbacks of leather.

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