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Marine upholstery for exterior exterior and interior soft upholstery. Also available, canvas and carpet projects.

Auto upholstery - complete interior restoration for custom street rods, original interiors or antiques.

Commercial upholstery for restaurants, office, and medical with special considerations for anti-microbial, and anti-bacterial specifications.

.... my name is Rick. I would like to welcome you to Catalina Custom Upholstery. Thank you for visiting. I have been serving the greater Tampa Bay area with quality crafted upholstery work and excellent service for over 30 years establishing Catalina Custom Upholstery in 1988. We were at the same location in north Tampa for over 20 years. Catalina Custom relocated to North Pasco and has been serving the Nature coast with quality crafted upholstery since 2008.
Catalina Custom Upholstery is here to provide you with upholstery services that include:

Catalina Custom Upholstery is doing constant research in the upholstery industry (with suppliers, manufacturers and other upholsterers) to keep updated in the latest new materials, new techniques, tips and tricks to be able to provide the consumer with the best of our abilities in the craft of upholstery.
Another service that Catalina Custom provides - and it is free - is providing consumers with ideas about upholstery that can include design ideas or problem solving when necessary, dealing with the craft of upholstery. With the capabilities of the extent of how far reaching this website can be on the Internet, Catalina Custom has been able to help different individuals and companies from other areas of the country with solutions and recommendations. Also, with the extent of how much information is provided on this website, it is hoped that the consumer will become better educated in the craft of upholstery. It is our belief that an educated consumer is a consumer that knows how to spend their money wisely. One of our mottos is: "Cheap money is not necessarily wise money".
Another motto of ours is: "No job is too small". I have read about other shops that are so busy with big projects that they have stated that they don't have time to take small jobs. We highly disagree with this philosophy. We believe that a small job is a job that is very important to that consumer to solve. We like the idea of small jobs to be able to head off bigger problems in the future (fixing a small tear in a seat to alleviate bigger tears in the future with major foam damage or sewing a seam, patching a hole or installing a new slide in a zipper in a Bimini top to get more years of service). It is very easy to exaggerate a problem to make it seem bigger than what it is for the benefit of the shop. It is better to start out addressing a problem or project dealing in the least expensive or least complicated way to accomplish it and then working up.
With over 30 years experience, there has been a lot of projects accomplished, a lot of changes witnessed and a lot of knowledge gained. Some of this is reflected in the Showcase Gallery section of this website. Some of the projects depicted are very recent and some are over 30 years old. All of the photos depicting projects were taken by me and show the actual projects done by Catalina Custom Upholstery.
With my personal convictions on how I approach my craft (Col 3:23), I will do my best to provide customers with upholstery service to the best of my abilities with fair pricing.
It is hoped that you will find this website useful in gaining knowledge in upholstery and / or using our Showcase Gallery to judge our skills and our Services section to judge our knowledge. For further information please contact us.
Thanks again for stopping by, and hey.....