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Projects shown upholstered with vinyls are enhanced with
antimicrobial and antibacterial properties for the medical industry

Projects shown upholstered with cloth are upholstered with a high quality furniture fabric that is built to be very durable - Sunbrella Furniture Fabric. When a cloth is used in a nursing home enviornment, special procedures are done with provisions for moisture barriers on foam because of residents potential incontinence.

Furniture below upholstered in a medical quality vinyl

Furniture below upholstered with Sunbrella Furniture Fabric

Furniture below shows special provisions provided for potential wheel chair abuse. Metal foot supports on wheel chairs can damage upholstery on corners of furniture. On the front corners on the furniture shown, special separate plates was fabricated where this potential abuse might occur. If damaged, the complete are does not need to be done on the furniture. It was fabricated that the plate can come off, recovered in the same material and reattached. This provides a major cost savings.